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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Scenesters

Somebodies killing hipsters in LA, I already like the premise. Just spotted The Scenesters swag give-away at twitch film, quickly check the trailer below .

I'm seeing a lot of hot spots in LA for this funny looking comedy, did I spot Secret Headquarters for a second. A killer soundtrack accompanies a story about a crime scene cleaner with two stupid film makers out to find the real killer of all those special coffee ordering, lens less glasses wearing, pretentious, nerd-looking, hipster douches. It also won best comedy out of the Hollywood film festival, which reminds me to pay attention to the 80 million film festivals in LA, I essentialy could just do the site about those.

Buy it here $24.99

Here's another chance from the officail web-site to win free goodies.