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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Olly Moss Pop Culture Poster Prince

Reminding you that the Olly Moss Show will be hitting Gallery 1988 this Saturday.

If you don't know Olly Moss here's his website and his blog.

I was able to interview Mr. Moss with a few questions about himself and his upcoming show.

Why LA? Why Gallery 1988? Please, don't go WHY NOT! EVERYONE DOES THAT!

Gallery 1988 is the only place that would have me! But seriously, it's a heavily pop-culture influenced show and it just makes sense to do it here. Home of the movies and all that.

Do anything fun in LA or has made staying extra sweet?

I've been working so hard that I haven't had a chance to do much else, but I've been loving the food. The guy I'm staying with is a vegan so I've been trying lots of new things.

You feature many different types of media like video games and films would you call yourself a nerd or fanboy of the posters and art you create? Also, favorite film and video game all-time?

Yes. Nerd first, designer second. Always. And don't make me pick favourites. Recently I've loved Portal 2 and played through Mass Effect 2 for the second time.

Why so mysterious? The show is under a veil of secrecy. This sin't going to be the show where you reveal the inner workings of man through your art is it?

There is a fun game/participation element to the show. Releasing any of the new pieces would give the game away, so I'm keeping silent. I want it to be a surprose!

Finally, it's free comic book day right next door, getting anything?

Wow, is it? I will be getting a free comic book for sure. I just re-read the Killing Joke again last night, and currently working my way through Darwyn Cooke's Parker adaptations. That guy is incredible.

Hmmm, a vegan, I think I know who that is. He also might like Einstein and X-Files.

Look forward to many video game and movie properties immortalized in his posters. BTW, no one may see his work till the stroke of 7pm on Saturday. Also, try and identify him without a picture. I thought it be fun to use images that make up his name.

Gallery 1988

7020 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038