Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Cat Cafe Huge Success Tomo Neko

 Dang! What fun and jolly was had at the Tomo Neko Maid Cafe. Held May 1st at the Miyako Hotel the cafe was sold out by the time  I arrived and was a packed house. Maids and butlers were serving the shouting anime fans filled with otaku joy. It was a grea get together and makes me wonder why can't the Addicted to Manga from meet up who were behind it hold bigger meetings.

The whole thing was for charity and I"ll be sure to tell how much they raised when they post about it.

 Let's talk prizes, the raffle has some amazing gifts donated by NIS of America, Meltdown Comics, and other groups. They had every facet of Otaku worship up for grab at 1 dollar a raffle ticket. Anime, art books, video games, comics and merch were all up for grabs.

 Gaming, food, fun and drink kept the fans happy as well as the whole 4 comedian set. Many a Pokemon joke was laughed at. Many "traps" were discussed. Song were sung of anime interests and hentai being found by Moms

 The end went out with the doing the time warp. Yes, they sang the time warp. I was attacked by a zombie maid at one point, it was a great event. Watch out Royal T, if they could only pack in pretentious hipster art and tsundre maids you'd be in trouble. However, I still like your cute maids.