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Monday, May 30, 2011

H-57 Not Just Ketchup

I must of first seen the IBDM missile shaped flash drive on Superpunch or FFFFound!, they both must have found it via the most excellent design blog the dieline. Featured on Notcot and throughout the web I wanted to learn more about the bomber clad usb drive.

I got into e-mails with Ms. Sabrina Di Gregorio of the group H-57, no it’s not about ketchup. H-57 is a group of Italian artists who have come together for art, advertising and illustration. Their motto is "Think Dangerous".  H-57 started with a clothing line in 2004 featured in GQ and various other magazines. This and their creativity led them to work on various projects including working with rock bands and creating the Nedian font for Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes, which I find funny since I just wrote about the Tim Burton Exhibit, everything comes full circle.

Back to the bomb, which happens to be spreading their style around the world. In their statement about their work, “If we had the power, we’d invade the world with graphic design, typography, fonts, and all the things we like. As for now, unfortunately, we just have the power to give our friends,clients and fans a little gift to start our pacific invasion.” So the devised a little usb missle based on 1950’s scifi movies. The first 200 were sent out to friends and clients to show off their style.

 They have constant new projects in the works, which you can browse either on their Facebook or at First Floor Under. Just check out some more of their projects below.

If your wondering about the name, no it isn’t from H-57 ketchup, I kind of wonder if anyone has told them that. It’s from hangar 57 a legendary Russian base like our own Area 51 here in the USA. Hangar 57 apparently has the most deadliest weapons of Russia arsenal and located on lake with no bridge to it. They used Hangar 57 or H-57 for the label of the first clothing line and it stuck with them.

Right now they hope to expand and one day open offices around the world, they just might, working with big name companies world-wide. Though LA wasn’t mentioned as a wished regional office, I hope they change their mind, it be great to see them become part of LA. I can only look forward to what else they come up with, I know it"ll look cool. Oh, yeah here's Heinz marketing contact info it be a nice fit and maybe H-57 could redo the label and branding of their ketchup.