Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Otaku Summer 2011

Not one, but two anime conventions happening in the LA area. There happening at the same time and with some vengeance.

Anime Expo July 1-4

The largest Anime convention in North America features hundreds of booths for Anime Merch. Artist Alley for hard to find anime and manga based art. Special panels and screenings about anime culture. Cosplay and a huge turnout for the anime and manga community.

This year we see the introduction of the Virtual Pop Star Hatsune Miku as a guest of honor and in her own 3D show, she had a prior performance in San Francico September 18, 2010. Check out what the show will look like below.

AM2 July 1-3

The newcomer Animation, Manga, and Music Convention or AM2 con has a lot going for it, for one it's free to attend. You heard right free entry. It's suppose to have booths, panels, and all the other goodies as Anime Expo.

You see AM2 didn't just steal, Anime Expo's thunder, no it's much more deep than that. AM2 happened because the old staff of Anime Expo was fired, AM2 is comprised of that staff. If you didn't notice,  Anime Expo has risen in cost this year. It is the largest Anime Convention in North America, but still those are some high prices. AM2 is free ,plus you know whatever parking is.

It"ll be hard to see who will come out top, it may be up to content or just location, or even price. It might also be up to which anime companies are in attendance. Will Funimation go to both? Will Crispin Freeman travel that much on the weekend?

Little Tokyo Design Week July 13-17

I've already written a bit about it here, but this seems like a great event for Little Tokyo. Asimo the walking robot and outdoor screenings, plus design confreneces on how to make cities of tomorrow will be dominating Little Tokyo for a week

I"ll have more info on all as they approach