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Thursday, May 5, 2011

South Park Season 14 Review

Offensive pop culture at it's finest. Season 14 of South Park is out now on blu-ray and dvd and the whole downloadable media frontier.

Whats it about?

How about one of the dirtiest show on television staying current and dirty. The four boys Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are still getting into trouble. Strange troubles, celebrities and deeper meanings are all mixed with violence and adult humor. From shark rape to shake weight really being a handjob trainer, you"ll encounter tons of nonsense that will have you tripping balls if you aren't riding them as in one episode.

Why should you watch?

They take a jab at everything, well almost everything. The 201 episode still has the bleeps from it's first airing and Mohammad is still blocked. They still go after Facebook, Inception, Medical Marijuana debate,The Jersey Shore, The BP Oil Spill and terrible  Celebrity Chef reality tv shows. Mixed with fart jokes and potty humor to take things less seriously. Episodes 200 and 201 bring back all the old characters and jokes from the series over the years and condense them into why you like the show. It's just stupid.

South Park: Complete Fourteenth Season [Blu-ray] $39.99

South Park: Complete Fourteenth Season DVD  $29.99

DVD Collection provided by Comedy Central