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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Looney Tunes Show Sucks

 I'd call it Spike Brant and Tony Cervone's Sucker Punch.  Instead of having millions of dollars and the freedom to do whatever they wanted, which turned out to be rape for Zack Synder, they had the iconic Looney Toons characters and created a show raping the characters of being funny.

Geek crap talk

I know they can make a good show, but maybe their work load has been to much, they have three current shows in production Scooby Doo, Teen Titans Young Justice (which hasn't had new episodes in some time) and the voice acting garbage that came out today. I believe it was in development Hell for some time, which wasn't a good sign, so I saw it coming. Prepare for the gay jokes because Bugs and Daffy are room-mates in a terrible sitcom no one asked for.

Yosemite Sam Merrie Melodies from the show

This line is sang before the next image
"It's like your trying to make me blow my stack"

Nice T&A for a kids show, good work