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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hero Complex Schedule Announced

The Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex Film Festival comes back this year with iconic directors talking with fans after their movies are shown.

June 9-12
The Chinese Theatre 6

The big names Warren Beatty, Nicholas Meyer, Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci, Damon Lindelof, Richard Donner & Jon Favreau Don. So meet the guys who brought you Dick Tracy, Iron Man, Superman and Captain Kirk kicking ass. Geoff John will show up too.

Full list of what's going on here
to learn more here
Get tickets and passes here
Also some connections to LACMA and another interesting note the Falling Skies show coming to TNT. If you don't know it's Steven Spielberg's new show where aliends invade earth and people have to survive it. So I'm thinking free schwag.

I have no idea why Cars 2 will be shown, wait I see it now it's after The Incredibles is shown for free.

Wanna guess who came up with the Hero Complex poster this year, well last year it was Darwyn Cook, this year it's Mike Mignolia.