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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stacked The New Uwink?

Customize your burgers with an iPad? Stacked delivers, the new burger joint opened recently in Torrance, I haven't been on hand to check it out myself, but the reviews on yelp say it's a nice way to get food in you.

It was just finished, so it's all brand new a looking nice. Full customization means burgers the way you want them, just past the iPad. I wonder if you can just bring in your iPad download an app and order. It's more than just burgers they seem to have pizza and appetizers, too.

 I just wonder if it will suffer the same problems of Uwink. The Uwink franchise fell fast and hard due to bad service and terrible food. When it first opened up the machines didn't work right and one guy had to fix everything in the back.

So how does Stacked stack up, don't know, just hope there tech and food is good. Service would be sweet too.

Del Amo Fashion Center
3525 W Carson St

Torrance, CA 90503

Stacked iPad top,Uwink screen bottom