Thursday, May 26, 2011

Games You May Have Missed: About A Blob

Hey Readers,

The Games You May Have Missed Section is exactly what it sounds like. This entry is about a game titled Tales From Space: About A Blob. Innovation, fun animations, and silly 1950's movie plot make this game a gem.

Let's start with the story. My story with the game was seeing early footage of it on G4 than waiting for it to come to the PSN network. About A Blob casts you as a blob monster, like the Blob from horror movie fame. You crash on earth after being blown out of the sky by a jerk scientist. You start of small and get bigger by the things you eat.

This crashes into game play you see as a blob you can absorb almost anything. I mean you absorb thing through osmosis or like amoeba. With everything you absorb you get bigger and go new places. While small you eat the junk on the floor like garbage and screws, but when you get bigger you ... heheh.. can eat people!

Two player co-op adds another great element to game play as you have to figure out puzzles and two blobs are better than one. Other game play powers show the innovators behind the game Drinkbox Studios didn't want to stop at human absorption. There's also expulsion. Yeah you can regurgitate what you've eaten or absorbed to shoot at enemies. With a press of a button everything you shooting comes back so you won't lose mass. Other powers include magnetism, yeah you get the powers of Magneto. This makes for some slick platform gaming.

The game is a platformer, but one that give me a nostalgic feeling for the SNES, because the game play and moves are precise and the visuals stand out. It's not 16-bit style at all, the visual are like watching a animated movie. I haven't gotten to a song number, but it be funny if the blobs played a giant piano later on. You can also customize your blob with points you earn, but I rather like there simple designs without add-ons.

I highly recommend picking this up for the summer so you and a friend can enjoy puzzles and plaforms together.
Pick it up when PSN is back and running for $15 or get in on Amazon here 

The reviewer was provide a copy by Drinbox Studios for review purposes