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Friday, April 16, 2010

uWink Hated By All

uWink the failed dream of Nolan Bushnell creator of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese still remain on Hollywood and Highland like a cancerous sore. Stemming off my last article, while just browsing uWink on google I found no review claimint it to be a good place.

So uWink was a good idea that had no payoff. The dream was to be able to sit down, order your food in real time on a interactive screen and play games on the same screen with who you came with. Problem is that is still a dream.

I've gone throught multiple reviews from different sites such as Kotaku which posts, "Atari Founder's Restaurant Is Not So Good", which segways into Multiplayer's review, "Our Disastrous Visit To Atari Founder's High-Tech Restaurant" . It's very fun to find all the different titles people gave to explain how bad this place is.Having a 2 and half star rating on Yelp doesn't help with staring lines like,  "This place blows. uWink, uSuck." . "uWink... I groan", from Chowhound. The book L.A. Bizzaro title is "Having Sex With the Whole Family at uWink due to a uWink game of truth or dare that ask to make out with the person next to you with no age restriction indication.

The only current Uwink is located at
Hollywood Higland Center
6801 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028

inside the center and almost hidden in the back. What isn't sad is that the other uWinks were shutdown due to poor service, terrrible food, and the damn interactive screen wouldn't work. Nolan Bushnell dreamed of opening many other uWinks outside of California, most likely plans those have failed through as Uwink couldn't maintain itself at it's two other locations in California. On paper the place sounds great, but without any real working technology or simplyy engaging games it just not worth going too.

I forget to mention that when I went games were worse then let's say a cheap flash game you could find online. Many reviews also site the games as being non-multiplayer which makes no sense if your going out with friends. It really saddens me because I did go when it first opened and it seemed like it could have been so much more if real planing and time was put into it .