Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wait, so Mega Man Universe is Cancelled?

Yeah, it's cancelled. It leaves behind a kick ass trailer from I am 8-bit, which looking back was a poor investment, since there's no game anymore. It also leaves behind a big question of what was it like. Mostly it begs the question. "Why isn't Mega Man in Marvel Vs Capcom 3?"

You know whats funny is that's The Megas music is in the trailers. The Megas is a band that does songs about Mega Man, they are actually quite kickass. Now, this is only speculation, but they were at the Mega Man E-Tank event done by I am 8-bit a few years back. That's the creator of I am 8-bit Jon Gibson taking a photo of them above. I am 8-bit made the trailer above. So maybe they got to talking and were introduced to Capcom.

What's really terrible is their remixed music done for the trailers and maybe the game might be lost forever. You can hear it in the trailer below. I'd love to hear that playing in the Capcom offices elevators.

Mega Man Universe um 20XX-20XX

I really like the design of Roll and the whole game. I'd like if they somehow manage to keep the charcter models and have them teach little Japanese kids to read in a Mega Man teraches typing sort of game.

That's somewhat explored in the Once Upon A Pixel short. You can buy the whole 1st Season here

Miles D from The Daily Robot has a new Mega Man Inspired Poster