Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Say Hello, To The New Enemy Of The Site, Sassy Girl

If you haven't noticed the enemies section, it's towards the bottom right of the page. Just like the LA Ghost Patrol, Sassy Girl aka Marielue Mandl is a enemy of the site.

BTW, FU LA Ghost Patrol, where's your lame tv show, oh did it not get picked up? I hate you guys, I truly hate you guys.

Now I don't hate for no reason, I hate because I care. Sassy Girl, has a "survival guide to NOHO" which sounds insanely boring. There really isn't anything exciting that happens there. I just heard of the NOHO Theatre and Arts Festival and there isn't a site up for it yet, even though it's in  May and it's April 26th, that's just poor planning.

I hate mostly because of this.

Really a foam pit? BECAUSE I JUST FELL INTO A FOAM PIT!!!!!!!!!!!

At the exhausting and fun, Tempest Freerunning academy.

Do you think your the first person to use Kevin Macleod's free music, dammit why isn't there more free music online?

Your an official enemy of the site, I hope the worst for you.