Tuesday, April 12, 2011

June in a galaxy far, far, away

Star Tours and Star Wars in Concert are happening this June in LA

It's almost time Star Wars fans, and even after those 3 prequels, I know you still care about the franchise. I even have the Star Wars Obligatory post segment of this site because fan appreciation never goes away.

Lots of news has been coming out of DisneyParks Blogs about Star Tours. We've been keeping you up to date for the big launch which is now scheduled for June 3rd 2011 at Disneyland.

 Some fun facts are

-There are over 50 story combinations so whatever ride you take will be different.

-There's a  podrace, a visit to the Death Star, planet Hoth, Naboo, Kashyyk, Tattoine, Crosucant where the Wookies live. Maybe you"ll celebrate life day.

-You could meet Princess Leia, Boba Fett, Imperal Troopers and Sky Troopers or even Darth Vader.

-C-3PO and I think R2D2 are along for the ride.

I'd still like more info though

StitchKingdom speculates that there will be some sort of photos taken of you during the ride, too. Which isn't that far fetched as other Disney rides already due that.

There's going to be some fun stuff to buy at the end. A "make your own lightsaber" stations sounds interesting.

I'd get tickets for the park now to make sure you get in on Opening Day

You can order them online here and see what else Disneyland has to offer

Now if that wasn't enough Star Wars in June in Anaheim, just head to the Hollywood bowl for
June 3 and Saturday June 4, 2011
at the Hollywood Bowl

Yes, Star Wars music as loud as it possible it can get. Watch scenes from the movies while listening to a live score. C-3PO or the actor who played him will be the host. Now this might just be a guess, but I think they"ll have lasers.