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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Natasha Allegri- Gender Swapping Adventure Time

Natasha shows off two of her pieces for the show tihs Saturday.

Natasha another cartoonist for the show has a strong web presence due to posting doodles. She's been mention a few times on the site and is the driving force and creator of Fiona and Cake, which will be a switch gender episode of Adventure Time in the near future.

Her Tumbler site is called Pancake Pancake
Pancake which is her real life cat. Just one Pancake for the cat's name. She does short strips about Pancake, and will make you lol

Fiona and Cake create a whole other universe for Adventure Time and frankly it might be cool as a spin-off after the usual Cartoon Network pre set limit of 52 episodes, which I hope is ignored with Adventure Time.
She also did a few pokemon strips and teased of doin a short with them, but no word on what's happened with them.She has a active livejournal called normal life where she posts a lot of her work. This is the only interview I've found of hers so far. She states in her bio she was talking with Pendelton while he was in Cal Arts and was given her job when he got the show. She still had to take a test to see if she could do the work and passed it. Her twitter. She's a very creative young woman, .. I'm sorry that picture below is too damn funny. Meet her and the rest of the crew this Saturday.