Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nerd Out At The End of the Month

Marvel Comics Mondo Mixshown with Punisher: War Zone

04/29 @ 8:00pm
Punisher: War Zone - 9:30pm-ish
Tickets - $10

The Cinefamily 611 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, 90036 / 323-655-2510
Clips from Marvel movies and tv shows

Superhero Saturday Marathon!

The Rocketeer

Abar, The First Black Superman -Funky, mind powered Black Superman. Undertones of the entire white race being wished a way. Lod-budget, insane concept.

Jerry Beck's History of the Animated Superhero - clips from manny different cartoons about supeheroes, rare and not even able to find on the internet.

Tickets - $12

Superman Triple Feature

The Superman movies before Superman Returns. I hate Superman Returns.

05/01 @ 5:00pm

Tickets - $12