Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whose That Head? Cartoon Network Loses It's

Whose That Head with Mordecai and Rigby?
 If you guessed Billy Mitchel from  the King of Kong you'd be right. It was great to see him appear out of the blue. He is never ever called Billy Mitchell, but you know it's him. He gets punched in the beard balls. Has a giant ego and cheats.

It happened in the  episode "High Score" written by Sean Szeles who I've met before and is quite boring to talk to. He is a good writer. He also wrote Dizzy which was just great and when I asked where he got the idea as we were watching it he told me he didn't know. The conversation wasn't that great. Also, he never heard of Evangelion, what the Hell?
I have to give him credit with how jam packed with video game culture this episode was. Konami code anyone? Plus, Billy Mitchell's head exploded.

In a very strange real life news, Billy Mitchell opend up a King of Kong Arcade, so I guess he'll never really see himself as the bad guy.

more info on it at Arcade Heroes
Than there was the other video game episode "Rage Against the TV"

 Mordecai and Rigby managed to have a video game boss called "The Hammer come out of the tv and alomost kill them" it was a great homage to beat-em ups of yesteryear.

I'm saddened though, by Cartoon Networks utterly strange commercial placement in this 11 minute cartoon. It's not even a full episode and you put in a commercial? That's another sad thing, instead of showing two new segments of a episode cartoon network decided to stretch them out as long as possible to keep their audience coming back. The standards was lame when it was put in and it's lame now. I have to ask to bring back the standard, two segments form a episode, not one segment. It's should be really called Adventure Time Regular Show, unless Mad is still in the middle to get a ratings boost. I just record it on my dvr Cartoon Network.

Sad tactics like that tell me and advertisers you don't feel safe about your content. You shouldn't, you have two wonderful shows on at that time you should be proud of . If you want people to watch have more content, make more cartoons. Make a spin-off of the future episode of Adventure Time with Fionia and Cake by Natasha Allergi for example.

I know Problem Solverz is some sort of a problem created by people leaving and new people taking over. Kind of a deal with this as  I go situation as new people have take over. I can't think of any other reason it's on. There is no way group studies showed it was good. I think the share holder would like to see that footage. I've made my own.

Stop relying soley on Sam Register, Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone for everytihng. It's also nice after years, strongly wording that, years you finally have  communication between yourself and Warner Bros animation to create DC Nation. It's relatively sad, that just now your really working together. I'd be afraid of Marvel and Disney beating you. There strange, too actualy. The showed Avengers at irregular times which hurt fans who couldn't find it in the schedule when it was airing new episodes. Disney also seems to be slow grabbing new cartoon content.

Sorr,y to go so slighty off topic,but I do like talking cartoons. Another strange fact is many cartoons  premiere outside of the U.S.. Sometime weeks before or even months before they premiere here. It's just the discretion of the channel in the country. Strange enough, when the people who make the cartoons are located, well right here in LA. I just read on Wiki that new episodes of the Avengers are being  shown in England with nothing listed in the U.S. It's not like were importing the cartoon, that means it's done and just sitting on someones shelf.

I think Spongebob has a huge shelf of unaired stuff so Nickeledeon doesnn't have to worry. BTW Nickeledeon is so afraid of competetion they don't show there schedule correctly. This is so they can't be copied or have anything played against there content. I won't even get into how pathetic Nick's animation department is creating nothing. They have to get stuff from Frederator if it isn't Sponebob.

Final point will be all the cartton channels or kids channels seem stupid to not go get the Saturday Morning kids. They could even put chealp animation and they still just get kids because it's early Saturday morning. No new content anyone. That's crazy.