Monday, April 18, 2011

EVA 2.22.2222.2211.

Rejoice for the animation revolution is upon you! This movie is bleeding edge animation. Animation at it's best and on blu-ray, you"ll be lost in sheer beauty.

A friend was showing me how  to do something on my computer and he saw the blu-ray case for Eva 2.22. He said,
"Put this is in, while I fix it. My birthday is happening soon. A friend asked. Hey, did you get Eva 2, yet? My answer was , yes. Her answer, dammit. I'm talking to Sean Szeles artist/writer for Regualr Show at the Adventure Time/ Regular show meet up at Moore's Delicatessen. I go, "I like Evangelion", he goes , "What Evangelion?". Two out of three ain't bad.

EVA 2.22, yes, that is it's real title on blu-ray. It was 2.0 in theaters, it's the next step in anime. I don't think I've seen anything as cool, magnificent, thrilling and bloody. My God is it bloody. The ocean of the Earth is literally filled with blood in the movie.

New to Eva it's really simple. Kids with emotional problems fight giant monsters in giant robots with the whole world at stake. That's only one level of story. It's discussed constantly and I could write a thesis on the story. People have written thesises on the story.

This is a sequel two both  Eva 1.11 and to the original series. It borrows from the original movie and series, but it's completely redone. A new character is added named Mari and she has the fight in her to back up how she talks. You get introduced to her in a ugly off model Eva that's made of spare parts.  She fights mean and dirty. At one point causing berzerker mode, think a giant robot than add some mutated freak.This is more of a fan service movie with the addition of the Asuka. Yes, Auska, finally appears. There was kind of a longing having to wait this long to see her again. She brings her attitude and her mommy issues. You missed her. One of her outfits is a bit more than pg-13 and she even questions it.

Getting to looks.Horrifyingly beautiful is what I'd call the movie, like looking at a accident unfolding in front of you and you can't look away. Every fight looks like a master super combo in a video game, that's going to get a perfect and a triple S rating. It's hauntingly, stunning to see such visceral beauty. Every fight, like a planned out dance, with no a slight change in variation.

One scene blew me away. Spoilers. Shinji must save Rei from being eaten by a Angel. He has to physically pull her out and the sheer pain he went through, his skin rips off. This all happens inside some sort of out of body level, but the pain must be real. Such frightening pain, yet you can't look away.

Things happen that should be just gross and sick and wrong, but they all look beautiful. Disembowelment looks beautiful. I was completely blown away seeing it again on Blu-ray.

Dub or subbed both sound are crisp and clear.

My only problems with the blu-ray would have to be the small scenes in the movie with visible cell shaded cgi. It happens rarely, but when it does it takes you out of everything that's been masterfully drawn. One scene where Shinji and his friends are walking, just for a split second looks out of place because of the poor choice, not to full animate it.

The other short coming might be the box art and case art. It's boring. I don't fully understand why there's a cardboard case around the blu-ray cover. It has the title logo on it and has a built in extra page that shows Auska's Eva from a scene in the movie. It looks bad. It's also a waste of paper when the blu-ray itself is the new lighter eco friendly kind, which everyone is doing, I think to just save on plastic costs. The problem is the disc is less safe.

The dvd case cover is a picture of Mari. On the inside of that cover is a Japanese poster image, that I don't understand, I think it might be Eva Unit 1 drawn extremely poorly.There is a nice booklet that explains things from the movie in greater detail, which is nice, included and in color.

I would have like something like  Gurren Lagann's collectors edition case where the robots head is the case. You open it like a mouth. It's strange because other Gainax stuff was put in specail metal cases. but those were anime series. A commissioned piece by Olly Moss or maybe a minimalistic Sound Only or Blu-ray Only adorning it might have been nicer. It's that extra bit, you give to fans that makes it more worth getting.

Don't get me wrong, it's the greatest animation of this generation. A must for a anime fan.

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