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Monday, April 25, 2011

Wii are One

News reports are coming in  all over the net that Nintendo has confirmed a new console to be shown at E3 here in LA. The new console is supposedly more powerful than  the 360 and PS3. A new tablet like iPad device is also suppose to be the new controller.

The drawing expresses my idea of what new system will look like. Taken from one of the early names for the Wii, the dolphin, the Wii 2 has parts of a dolphin brain making it cyborg system that allows telepathy and telempathy . Secondly, it will most likely be called the USS, both humorously for Nintendo's attempt at Socialism through the name of the system and also almost being the acroynm for the USSR. Also for the hive mind people will become when connected to the new USS.

Can't wait to see it at E3, only in LA. Become USS!

Source IGN