Thursday, April 14, 2011

Game Hype: With a bit of Adventure Time

Here's a little Adventure Time game art

The new Marvil Vs Kapkom parody is up at Newgrounds featuring the never shutting up Morrigan

“Augment Reality” T-Shirt is for the owners of the 3DS and with nothing paly on the 3DS, might as well own a shirt.

Omg shows what Todd Slater's up to with "1986" and "1987" both sold out.

Why isn't Earthwom Jim on dvd? Created by the very talented Doug TenNapel Earthworm Jim was a earthworm who got a super suit and beat-up an assorment of weird villains. No plans for any release right now, not even just Netflix streaming. Doug is currently doing the webcomic Ratfist

Thor: God of Thunder

The next big movie game from Sega looks to be a fun beat the crap out of giants game

Pick it up on Amazon here
Pick up the new Thor Slurpee while it's out, too. Blue Lightning Blast! It was refreshing.

Blogging. LA shows that Oregon Trail hasn't been forgotten around LA. Pull one of the tabs to see if you survive.

I love the new Portal 2 ads. Check out how there selling the Portal Turret like a iPad 2