Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Geek's Guide To LA? More Like Crap, discoverLos Angeles

Behold the ugliest guide for LA I've seen in a long time, btw great cut out art, I hope only the worst for the child in this photo.

discoverLos Angeles, which is apparently the official guide to LA? They made a terrible mistake in attempting to post a geek guide.

So terrible that I will make a better one. I'm making a better one right now, more on that later. The site itself is pretty much a nerd, otaku, geek's guid itself with new content every week. Uggh, that child disgusts me.

Museum of Jurassic Technology , Petersen Automotive Museum are dilapidated and not worth going to. Even for a car lover the Peterson just isn't maintained well. Jurassic Technology, just a tourist trap. Maintenance low, too.

The architecture and design museum sounds nice, but it never has anything more than to look at for a few seconds. Parking is abysmal. Price is too much. I remember the last time I went the only person working there was a woman with her children who were screaming and running around. If you want that in a museum atmosphere, be my guest. It's not even a real museum, it's more of a gallery.

The Glee parties at the end? I don't even get why that's part of the list?

Here request a LA guide from their site. I wonder how weird it is.

Comic store guide is great, though. Check it out. I give them props for that.