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Friday, April 15, 2011

AT CREW Whose Who? Oh, it's you?


Joseph Game is his real name He's also President, Editor-in-Chief, and Gallery Coordinator of the Autumn Society which has the 3B Show in May in Gallery 1988. This also explains the first Adventure Time art show being from The Autumn Society. I'm still pissed about that one, (imagine someone taking pissed off while reading this) because there was no word out that people could see the exhibit until after the show. It had some just amazing work and I was really sad I missed out on it. It happened just around this time, one year ago, because I remember I was near the Ben & Jerry's in Burbank a few blocks from Cartoon Network where it was held, for free Ice Cream Day and that was Tuesday. (No longer pissed, I'm still pissed on missing it, just not the voice while reading the rest)

His blog

Thomas Herpich

Has his life explained on the Meahaus site. He has a web-site and blog. He has worked a lot around the industry and has many different comics you can buy. They all look pretty great.


He usually works with

Ako Castuera

Ako has a piece in the other show I blogged about Realms this weekend at the same time as the Adventure Time Show. She also seems like she not going to be attending in her latest post cuz she'll be at that opening instead. So she probably be marked off the list.

Andy Ristaino

Seems to design a lot of the background elements and characters. He has a site, too and a graphic novel about a fetus called Escape From Dullsville

Phil Rynda is best known for the Phil face that appears on the show, it seems to be a joke at his expense, but his face has the money. His lead character designer.

He was just at the Q Pop show I posted about back in January .

Kent Osbourne and the rest below don't seem to have much of a Internet presence. Kent did help write the episode My Two Favorite People with Pen Ward which was up for a Annie and I consider one of the best episodes for it's terrible moral at the end. I'm sorry I can't give more info. I'd probably be able to tell you more If I ever saw the end credits to the show, which no longer exist on Cartoon Network. Did you know there's  a ending theme song? Oh, wait, thanks YouTube

Patrick Seery P.A.
David Smith- P.A.
Michelle Xin
Bert Youn

Didn't find the last two, I guess I"ll just ask them. Or possibly their ghosts and you can't credit ghosts.

To anyone I did miss, I'm sorry, but I value the work you do on this show in the highest regard.