Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Game Hype: Bit to Bit

I think the page loaded wrong, posters of Mario and Peach in a broken sort of light
via Omg Posters

Attract Mode's site is coming back soon, so is I am-8-bit, but only one got Mare Odomo to do some art for them

Via Tiny Cartridge

Oh, wait I am 8-bit is back, finally with a functioning site and a blog, cool! There going to have a store, too. Look out Attract Mode.
So they were behind the Okamiden posters at New York Comic-Con. Damn, I can't wait for their next big art show, I"ll be posting if I hear anything on it.

Theftropolis Tees from Fangamer bring the nostalgia out and look good. They ship in June. There for the new Retro City Rampage, which I can't wait to play.

Super Mario might be a threat we never thought of, according to Koopa. Check out Mushroom Kingdom Propagand Posters to see what it be like if Mario was around in 1984, wait he was.
via superpunch

Andrew Wilson has some fun pieces in store for the next 10-Doh show at Comic-con