Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Die Hard with a Tiny Dragon, Bust-A-Move Universe Review

Bust-A- Move Universe, find yourself as a tiny dragon that must connect bubbles to save everyone in a building taken over by terrorist. Wait, no... that's not the game play, but I'd love a Die Hard edition of this game, oh , early 90's marketing where are you?

Let's start with what your doing. Your picking up the arcade classic you've played in the arcade a million time before. Even if you haven't you can pick up and play immediately. Think of it as tetris or if you've never played tetris (you sure about that, I think your lying). You shoot bubbles out of a bubble cannon and must connect the same colors to make them explode. Let me just say seeing bubble pops and bright colors in 3D make the game pop. Bad pun, but hey you knew you were gonna get one.

My gripes are few. One is with the controls and the 3DS control stick, it's to fast.  Left and right bumper are used to give it some control and I think it should just be easier to use. My other gripe is no multiplayer, which is a must now a days. If someone else gets this game I want to fight them.A few other modes break up gameplay, but I craved more

It's great to see such a colorful game with easy to pick up gameplay, I would have liked it if it had more.

Bust-a-Move Universe $29.99

Square Enix provided a copy to reviewer.