Friday, April 29, 2011

Things Happening Around You

NOHO is finally getting movie theaters. A seven screen Laemmeles will be at 5700 Lankershim Blvd right near the Metro Subway. It's something that North Hollywood has needed for some time. There better be a damn good parking lot or they"ll see people trying to cram into the metro lot. Speculating from what LA Weekly wrote a while back about the independent theater stsyem in LA, you might see the closing of another Laemmeles before this one is completed. I think this one will rake in some money. Having some indepent movies brought to the supposed art district will finally give it some cred.

The KCET Building on Sunset was bought by Scientology. KCET is looking for studios to relocate. I have no Idea what Scientology will use the building for, maybe thier own television network? It's kind of sad to see it change after being on Sunset for more than 40 years.

The Hundreds of Santa Monica is up Swagsofresh has some pics

The Hundreds Santa Monica416 Broadway Street
Santa Monica

The Hundreds is a up and coming label on clothes mostly for skater punk culture.