Friday, April 29, 2011

Anaheim Comic-Con starts today, LA Wizard World Back

It's not that far from LA so if you want to get your comic fan on, head out! Plent of geeky celebs and fun stuff to get lost in this weekend, check their site for more info

 Plus the announcement of the

Los Angeles Wizard World Comic-con, which is strange because it was cancelled before. It starts on September 24-25 at the LA Convention Center.

more info

 it's not like it's a entirely new convention like Club 2 the Max, thats suppose to compete with Anime Expo. Club 2 the Max is really happening the same weekend as Anime Expo.

On that note, Club 2 the Max doesn't have it's website up, which isn't a good sign. Even a little info page would be nice. With summer around the corner it seems very awkward at this point . Plus the name is just awful, it needs to be changed to something like Otaku-Con or Awesome-Con, something.