Saturday, April 23, 2011

Game Hype: Kinect Me to the Wii than Move

via Danny

This Ghost in the Shell Kinect game isn'r for sale on xbox live a fan made it for fun. It show how fun the kinect xould be or even useful if it could say search the internet like Ghost in the Shell, but it'cant. Just like the PS3 Move and the 3DS it has no games? It's somewhat mind-boggling why they made these items withouts anything ready to play on them. There is no breakthrough title or big game on any of these systems. Basically, there are all worthless toys.

Nintendo has to be the saddest right now with just reamkes coimg out to 3DS and not even launching with all the options like internet avalaible. It was also strange how light the launch was for the system. It had some booth around the country and officail launch at the Best Buy in Times Square, but it hardly was like the fanfare for the Wii.

If you haven't heard the rumors, there's huge specualtion that Nintendo's going to reveal a new console at E3 based. One of the reasone is the signifiact price drop of the Wii. The Wii now cost less than the 3DS.

Jude Buffum of video game art fame shows off his Japanese erotica inspired pieces. The above "The Dream of the Octorock's Wife" is a parody of the The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife. The orginal materail was don by the artist Utamaro, which is why the piece below is title "Super Utamaro Bros". Utamaro drew a lot of naughy stuff and some consider him the creator of Tentacle porn.

Flip that table!!!!!!! Chabudai Gaeshi 2  might be out in Japan right now. The translation means table flipping and it's a arcade game only in Japan, which sucks. I wish the fun of hitting a table like a DDR style and flipping it would come state-side. This thoroughly fun game has you getting angry in different situations and acting out your anger by flipping out. Via Gigazine

College Humor perfectly capture Star Fon (one of my all time favorite games) and Wes Anderson's style in the perfecy parody The Fantastics Mr. Star Fox. The puppetering is top notch and makes me wish they had a tv show again. A TV show where they all writers don't try to star in and is about pop culture, because that train wreck that was on MTV should have never aired. I really hope they try harder and get something onTV again, because the Onion New shows just don't translate over well. They're boring and the sports one just can't.. it just can't.

Clean Up with Mario

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