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Friday, April 29, 2011

Boobs, Fighting and Blood, Mortal Kombat Returns

A new fun game to pummel your friends with and talk smack. The fights are fun, bloody and fast.  The T & A are up high. Sonya's tattered uniform literally barely stays on.

The fun is in the fights and the raw carnage they bring. Ooh's and ahh's litter your home or online play while beating someone or watching a fight. Just the painful looking moves make you  squirm with delight. The new kicker is the X-Ray attack. It's where you pull both triggers at once. You just started your super move that show how bad your messing the bones and guts of your opponent. You've seen it in a movie or from somewhere, but it's great to see a different bone crunching move every time. Some fatalities could look as cool. I'm still early in the game, but the fatalities aren't that spectacular. This time each character has three and I've only have the first unlocked.

A fun new 4 player tag team fight with assists is like a non-stop yelling contest.

I won't say they reinvented the series, because they didn't. Graphics are high up, but I just don't like the design of characters and art style. They seem generic and at times hardly indistinguishable from the games that have copied the series over the years. Many moves like jump kick, are the same for characters. There are different styles of martial arts, but they seem thin.

Not many new characters to get excited about. I have played the series over the years and liked some of the additions. You have a lot of characters, but I still want more. I miss the dude who did drunk boxing style. I also miss the way characters threw up. The PS2 had some fun editions. Even though it has the story starting over again, many old fans will find it keeping up with the insane back history. But, those who liked the ps2 stuff will find that continuity forgotten.

Story mode is easily forgettable, I wish it was more like the web series. What Warner Bros still can't due well is work with it's different media groups. My suggestion would be to have the game resemble the web series, maybe scan the models of the actors, The original Mortal Kombat captured video of real people dressed in costumes, why can't it do it now with better technology. We do have 3D scanners for such purposes. They even make action figures with them.

It's bloody to a level where it's comical. It so over the top, it's crazy. I don't see a little kid ever being allowed to play unless their parents are blind to violence and sex, but teenagers go for it. The krypt for unlocking stuff is where true mental sickness shines. You click a button and have someones head cut off to unlock game art. It's kind of wrong, I understand just digging up the graveyard or blowing up gravestones, but where did hanging corpses from trees that have parasites in there bellies, that explode come from?

The sluggish way Marvel Vs Capcom 3 puts in content leaves the game with little competition in the current market. The way the poorly titled Mortal Kombat Vs. the DC Universe was handled begs what will come out later. Another strange decision was the online pass. Now the online pass means you can only play online on multiplayer on one account. If a friend borrowed it or if you sold it, whoever has it has to pay to play online and I don't mean a gold account.

The game seems like a early build, like something should have been added or a layer to the characters be finished. The game wasn't rushed,  so it's just poor design to me. I don't want to call it generic, but nothing comes off as groundbreaking. Not the fighting, not the look, not anything. Simply, it's a fun fighter to beat the crap out of your friends with.

Game provided by Warner Bros Games for review purposes