Monday, April 11, 2011

Take It To The Limit

Today episode of Adventure Time is "The Limit". Will Jake and Finn make it out of a strange maze? Probably, but not until they learn something about themselves.

Today's episode was boarded  by Jesse Moynihan who has quite and interesting site and Cole Sanchez who says he's the Creative Director for Adventure Time on his twitter.

Mr. Moynihan seems to be more open with his work and is appearing at the Adventure Time Exhibit this Saturday. However, they've work together before like Rebecca Sugar likes teaming up with Adam Muto. Yet, Cole did tweet hie burned the crap out of his back on his heater.

this duo has worked on some other episodes like

 Silet King and Death In Bloom were both quite funny, Death In Bloom was just superior by the awesome rock conecert with death, but let's not forget the birthing chamber in the Silent King. Funny fact the crossing eyes thing from this episode come from Jesse's dad telling him it could happen when he was a kid.

Here's some of Jesse Moynihan's designs for death. He was going for a weird alien , but settled for a horse skull. On the left is the art for that great shot of the levels going down to the land of the dead, just click on it to make it bigger.

Here's some random art from Jesse's site. I can see why he was chosen for the episode Death in Bloom. He also as a graphic novel coming out called Forming from Adhouse. Wait, I like Adhouse there the publisher of Remake out this April, cool