Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Valley Performing Arts Center Worthless

The Valley Performing Art Center was recently finished. Without content just like are schools and colleges it's nothing more than a useless monument of vanity and spending. Like are idoitic way of paying for new buildings, but not having enough money to hold classes in those buildings.

 Looking over the planned performances and events show nothing about the community. Hardly, any student shows and minor celebrities doing one man shows that no one wants to see. The one student show that is happening is old. Wow, Cabaret, how about something original and not boring?

 To the chagrin of students who just wanted more parking at CSUN it stands tall. It looks beautiful and modern, worthy of being in the next Star Trek movie just like the CSUN library.

Yet, it's worthless.

 I saw it's new artsy icon, the new posters on the side of street lamps on Ventura, no idea what it was. When I learned what I was, I didn't care. I don't think many others will either. I don't recall the big ceremony.

 The lovely Nancy Cartwright who voices Bart Simpson tells of the event in greater detail. She tells of the C-list celebrities in attendance, from tv shows of old .I guessed who was there, I knew are Mayor Villaraigosa would show up trying to get praise for something he had no part of. I hate that City Controller Wendy Gruel attended too, I like here, she watches the books.

Without anything feeling it's acoustically tuned walls that inspires, teach or let's someone think what do we have?

Content, none