Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventure Time: A Look Behind the Land of Ooo Report

"What time is it?" asked an anonymous fan outside the doors of Nucleus, a fan in line stretched around the building. A fan among those dressed as Ice King, Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Jake. A fan who knew exactly what time it was. The crowd joined in unison "Adventure Time!".

Adventure Time: A Look Behind the Land of Ooo exhibit at Nucleus was mathematical success. My homies, it was pure Adventure Time bliss. Cast and crew were in attendance, rare pieces were shown, and the fans rejoiced.

Video shot by fans

Pendelton Ward was surrounded in seconds when he snuck in. He couldn't even make it up stairs to the actual exhibit because he was so hounded. Two hours into the show he was still signing and talking to fans, never taking a break. He drew pieces on hats and backs, Hello Kitty Marble bags, a prop Marceline axe guitar. On journals and notebooks, sketchpads and what have you. The crowd around him lasted all night as Nucleus had to limit people coming in.

That night at Nucleus was suppose to be for Edward Scissorhands, but I have to say without a shadow of a doubt, Adventure Time owned that night. It owned it with title cards mounted on walls. Here's the one for today's  new episode "Video Makers".

With pieces from the Autumn Society show.  Storyboard art. Fantastic doodles, sketches, and a giant map of the land of Ooo. Some lovely water color pieces from Ako Castuero.  What the show's opening  brought was time with the cast and crew. David C. Smith, Kent Osborne, Jesse Moynihan, Phil Rynda of the famous "Phil face", Chogrin, Michelle Xin, Rebecca Sugar, Andy Ristaino and creator Pendelton Ward were all in attendance to meet and draw doodles for fans. The voice of Finn, Jeremy Shada, Olivia Olson the voice of Marceline and her father the Lord of Evil, Martin Olson were signing autographs and hanging out with fans as well.

Adventure Time fans showed their loved by wearing Finn hats and cosplaying as the characters they loved. Bringing home-made Adventure Time props and gear. Telling the artist how much they mean.

Special prints and Poster were on sale and sold out very quickly.

 Jeremy Shada (Finn) Olivia Olson (Marceline)

Adventure Time is so well received for it's creative style in both writing and art. It's no surprise it's been nominated for two Annie Awards (animation awards) which it should have really won. Taking from video game culture, Dungeon and Dragons, chitptune music, sci-fi, fantasy and of course adventure. There's so much more to the show, hidden jokes, it possibly being set in a post apocalyptic earth in the future (oh, dammit, I forgot to ask them that) surreal humor, and of course a talking magical dog and a  heroic young boy who wears some sort of a bunny hat.

 Phil face the real face

The exhibit is still up till May 6th
210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801