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Saturday, December 12, 2009

What you missed

Man this event was mega. A secret megaman event happened in LA today.A Megaman ice cream truck well really E-Tank truck showed up in downtown LA just a block from the convention center. The truck was givin out free Mega Man 10 Ultra rare -t-shirts in E-Tank shaped boxes and cans of the drink. I'll post pics of them later. You can thank I am 8-bit and and Capcom for providing this awesome event. Jon M. Gibson was there to say look online for more event that'll be happeing next year

Overall what a great treat. A real world video game item. The truck was blasting some great 8-bit tunes to get u in the mood, but it started to rain. Props to the Dad who dragged his baby out with him in the rain to get two E-Tanks (I hope the Mom divorces you and she gets a better Dad your a dick dude). Other than a father love for her daughter being questioned I say the event was a succes. Oh you had to print out a coupon to get the E-Tank. No Coupon, No E-Tank. I'm just so happy that makes it worthwhile leaving LA for some of the coolest video game events.

Jon Gibson with the band Mega

360 view of the truck
That's such a silly hat.

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