Friday, April 22, 2011

Ever Been To Game Dude?

Game Dude
12104 Sherman Way
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Hours: 11am to 7pm PST 7 Days a Week
Phone: (818) 764-2442

It's been aroound for 20 years now. If you have a used game just bring it in for cash. No store credit just cash. Huge selection of new and extremely old titles. Used dvd and blu-ray section.

Gamedude Facebook

"Been a customer of Game Dude since it was a one room shop with the games behind glass you saw what you liked and got Steve to get it for you you guys have grown and I am still find the best deals there since 1986"
-Jason Yunk
"went into Game Dude today, after a long time reading your prices in back in the back of old 90's magazines. At a friend's bbq who lives across from you guys, I went in. I came out with 4 classic games and only wasted 23 bucks. Great prices, friendly help and an overall great experience. I hope I can take pictures and video next time I am in, many people from my Youtube would die to see this."
 -Lorenzo Contreras
To late Lorenzo, to late. Now I have video up of the store!!!!!!