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Sunday, April 24, 2011

You May Have Missed: Anime Art at LeBasse Projects


SugiPop! was held October 13th, 2010 – January 16th 2011 and featured are inspired by anime and manga, not specific animes or manga just in general. Sugi translates to "to much and the pop is for pop culture giving the show it's title. Thirty well known artists participated including Takashi Murakami, Junko Mizuno and Kaws. Featuring some some very exciting pieces that could launch thier own animes or just creep you out for looking freaky.

Those Asimo's look gansta.

Deva Loka: Los Angeles

Deva Loka: Los Angeles was held February 20th – March 13th, 2010. A solo show by Yoshitaka Amano.  The shows title is taken from the Indian land of God. Yoshitaka is well known for his designs from Vampire Hunter D, Guin Saga, Final Fantasy, and Front Mission and for designing Final Fantasy characters. Big eyes  and awkward angles give off cartoony strange portraits.
 Some pieces look like distortions in water, in a very mesmerizing lake.

A future show at LeBasse in July entitled "Kigurumi" keeps up with Otaku values. Kigurumi translates to costume performer and is sort of like cosplay only much more creepier. A subset of this is doller which is the strange cosplay of covering up the entire body and looking like a anime doll. Even stranger when it's a man in the outfit.

From the preview below it seems to steer clear of that subset and just look like a cute  and sexy show

via arrested motion

July seems the perfect time for the show, Anime Expo is happening and also

Little Tokyo Design Week: Future City
 July 13 – July 17, 2011  Little Tokyo will be transformed

from it's site
"Organized thematically and geographically around four Design Zones, Little Tokyo Design Week will engage local and international designers, artists, architects, filmmakers, corporations, and students from the Southern California region to explore possible scenarios for a “New Urban Lifestyle.” Southern California has long been a leader in innovation, high tech industry, and experimental thinking and Little Tokyo, one of downtown LA’s most sought-after districts, is ripe to serve as a testing ground to re-evaluate our existing lifestyles and re-think the future of urbanism in Los Angeles and beyond."

It seems like it"ll be a very exciting week to see new ideas about the future and if Astro Boy will be discussed you can except Frederik L. Schodt to be speaking. Plus, looks like the gansta Asimo will be in attendance with other robots.