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Friday, July 27, 2012

Where the Hell is Donut Summit and the Korean BBQ Cook-Off?

Strange times this summer as were almost into August with no word on both Donut Summit and the Korean BBQ Cook-Off. Sure, we've had Galco's soda tasting, but what of more sugar and meat?

Donut Summit usually happens this weekend, but no word from the good folks over at Blogging LA who make it happen. It's a celebration of free donuts as everyone brings a dozen and shares them, then everyone votes on which is the best.

Here's coverage from last years Donut Summit.

The Korean BBQ Cook-Off usually happy the first weekend of August and there's no web-site up on-line, not a good sign. The cook-off is a day to sample the different eats around Korea Town in a festive place, has it been replaced by the likes of the 626 Night Market all the way in Pasadena?

Here's coverage of the event from last year.

I guess I'll contact both groups/ organizations and see what's up.