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Monday, July 23, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake! Galco's Second Soda Tasting So Sweet

Charles Phoenix holds a up a seven layer soda cake to the delight of patrons at the 2nd Annual Summer Soda Tasting at Galco's Soda Pop Stop.

5702 York Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90042
 (323) 255-7115

The cake used 2 cartons of pop rocks and was seven layers of soda flavors. Mr. Phoenix, who created the cake, and is showman even said, "It taste terrible!", because of all the flavors mixed together. I strongly disagree as everyone gobbled it up. To me it tasted very sweet with whatever fruit soda it was emulating and then a reminder of the taste with all the pop rocks in your mouth, Making sure that everyone got a piece there was a second cake that didn't have the flare of the first, but the same great sugary taste.

When the cake was announced to be cut many soda engrossed fans came out to see the sparklers on it lit up, but soon the first cake was noshed up in a couple of minutes with plenty of soda around to wash it down. Before they cake was cut, Charles gave us two different soda mixes to try. First, Lemmy and Frosti soda with a gummy worm. Secondly, Lavender which was a mix of Frosti and my favorite Nesbit's Peach soda, with a Swedish fish gummy to round out the taste.

Galco's known for it's extravagant collection of sodas and beer was in it's second year of supporting the Southwest Museum by holding its tasty soda tasting. There was burping and slurping all over Galco's lot and inside with soda stations to try out different flavors.

Breaking down the different drinks to try my favorite might have been the tart Lemon soda from Dublin Bottling Works, which had multiple fruit flavors to try. If your more into vegetables Mr. Q Cumber Soda was refreshing with  Sweet Blossom Floral sodas. Rose petal soda was my favorite on that table. A new root beer from Galco's own White Rose line was guzzled down by attendees. There was also Ginger Ale's by Bruce Coast in the back that had a bit to much power in their taste to me. Rieme fruit flavors finished off the assortment of samples to get, unless you include Volcanic water.
By the end of the day everyone drank a lot of soda. You had tried multiple flavors of very different drinks and had the option to grab to buy some more sodas from the huge selection inside. All in all there's nothing like it anywhere else. A soda tasting come only once a year and it only happens at Galco's.

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                                                               Cake Number 2

                                                 She's holding a spear, why?

                                                        Bidding on soda with owner John Nese