Monday, July 2, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: X Games In The Way

The X Games taking place in between the Convention Center and at the Staples Center made it incredibly hard to get around this year. It became frustrating to get overpriced food at LA Live or to get to AX itself.  The X Games created a lot of make-shift walls and fences that made it very difficult to get around the downtown area. It's not a pleasure to walk between ugly concrete fences like your some POW.

The way it was done was very stupid as the only way to get to the convention centers West Hall on day three was to go through two parking lots from LA Live.

Some reasons it sucked:

-It was difficult to enter the Convention Center from the West Hall.

-Looked awful, made the outside depressing

-Entrances and opening would change, one day you could walk around Staples Center, the next day you couldn't.

-Harder to get food and return to Convention Center

-Traffic and parking

The X Games is a cool event, but the way it dominated downtown either shows a lack of power by the Convention Center and AX or poor planning between the two events. There should have been some deal to go to both.

Just to be clear, I heard no problems between the people attending both events, everyone has been amicable to each other. 

The other problem arises? Where to hold AX other than the LA Convention Center. Long Beach's Convention Center is too small for the fans and Anaheim is booked at this time for the next couple of years. With remodeling and a possible stadium due, where will the anime fans go? Vegas?