Monday, July 2, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: Panty and Stocking Panel

Dirty, filthy, sick , bloody, violent and they're whores too. Fans were treated to not only pole dancers at the Funimation booth, but a panel of Panty and Stocking at AX this year. The panel began with cast chosen episodes. As the episode "Tran-Homers" ripped apart the Transformers movies and cartoon series it also showed off what Panty and Stocking is all about. Panty and Stocking is all about sex and eating candy, but it's also about two angels with same names as lingerie They have to kill evil ghosts and earn "Heaven coins" to get back to Heaven.

The audience was already in Heaven when Jamie Marchi (Panty), Monica Rial (Stocking), Ian Sinclair (Chuck), and Joel McDonald (Brief) and FUNimation Senior Brand Manager Charlene Ingram came out for the Q and A.  Jamie Marchi who was the head writer who revisioned the script told of how she was told by the Japanese creators to make the show as dirty as possible within the confines of American law. When she was asked, along with the rest of the cast, what was in common with her and her character, she thought for a minute. She replied, "Panty has a goal of sleeping with 1,000 men, (paused) I also set goals." Joel McDonald just said he also had a penis in the shape of a key. Jamie also explained her work as head writer and gave little tidbits like the demon sisters don't ever curse or how the "Transformers episode" had the most work put into it.

Many different questions were asked by fans, but they had to answer to two girls cosplaying as Panty and Stocking who were bribed with candy by the audience to pick them. One bribe was Bawls the energy drink, that led to the voice of Stocking going, "Oh, it's blue balls."

Monica Rial was shouted out by one fan to have his baby and with her cutesy voice explained how much she enjoyed being so vulgar for the recordings. Her favorite line, "I'm sorry, I can't hear you, every time you open your mouth all I hear is syphilis." With her the voice of Chuck, Ian, explained how difficult it was to just keep saying the same word over and over again, but got to play with doing some great voice work by being killed so much in the anime. He kept slipping into the voice of Garterbelt and called out honkies quite a bit. He explained how almost everyone who does voice work for Funimation wanted the roles in the anime.

When the cast was asked what their favorite sexual position one of the guys shouted, " On top of your Mom!" than Monica went, "On top of your Dad." The show ended with the cast being asked to do their orgasm sound as their character at the same time, one of the best panels I've been to at AX.