Monday, July 2, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: Mega 64 Panel

It all started with the ending to Lost. Changed for the audiences pleasure, you got to see a reel of Mega 64's strange work of making fun of video games. After confusing many and dancing around like crazy people the guys behind Mega 64 started their AX panel. They were dressed as characters from Dragon Ball Z and were constantly misquoting them on purpose. They showed off some unseen work like a commercial for the Aquabats that couldn't be shown because too many children die a year by garage doors closing on them. Another couldn't be shown due to a Nintendo higher up having their guts come out. A new cosplarez video was shown that made fun of the bizarre costumes people come up with at conventions.

After a confirmation from a Funimation rep who attended the affair of no Dragonball AF,  Q and A was opened up. We learned that Mega 64's families don't know or care what they're doing, but some believe they make video games. After telling stories of how Hideo Kojima makes strange sounds that make it seem like he is either having a stroke or is a pervert every time they meet ended the fill to the brim panel. It's always a pleasure to attend this panel.