Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bloody Chester Review

Bloody Chester

Well, land sakes and other cowboy jargon, you'd best check out this here book filled with pictures by one of the artist on Regular Show and a writer from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Yes, Hilary Florido and JT Petty have us meet the meek and kind of a loser Lady Kate, who isn't much of a lady or much of a bad ass, but a guy who keeps making bad choices.

Your brought into some lawless town of the old west. Lady Kates gets beat up often until he ends up in jail. The rich railroad tycoon lets him out on the proposition to burn down a town supposedly haunted by ghosts, it's in the way of the rail road. With nothing better to do, he takes the job. What follows is a shorty mystery and and budding romance.

First off, Lady Kates, aka Bloody Chester isn't a likable character. He just seems to do things with no set goals, which is the point of his character, but it doesn't make me want to follow him. I don't think I could follow his adventures if there was another tale of his daring devil may cry no set goal being bored attitude.

The story itself is fun little mystery, nothing more than a quick read. It has a small cast, a cranky old miner, a young fool, a cute girl. It's kind of bad when I like them all more than the main character. I don't hate Chester for being devious, he isn't evil, he is just so neutral.

The art is easy to follow, there's nothing that spectacular or any moment that really catches the eye. The cover is more artistic than the pages in the book.

What the book does do is take you down a strange mystery, I'd compare to an episode of the X-Files. Strange goings on with Indians and ghosts and mutilated townsfolk. The story does have some moments such as it's conclusion being very sinister and a conversation with family members tied up, talking about weddings.

The book might have done better as part of a collection of short stories about Bloody Chester. I'd like to see the duo try something else.