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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: [C] – Control

Watch it now, subbed on Funimation.

The world runs on money. I had the pleasure of getting to see a sneak preview of the dubbed version at AX.

So, [C] – Control has you watching the tight spending Kimimaro, a full time college student with two extra jobs and no parents to support him. Then one day he has more money in his account than he can believe and a bizarre Mad Hatter/Cheshire Cat bugging him to spend it. So it's just another average day in Japan.

For a 11- episode series it seems like it will pack quite a punch with its version of Pokemon. You see Kimimaro gets his money and more money when he fights in the Financial District and I don't mean downtown, I mean another dimension or subspace or whatever. So he goes to another world, is assigned a monster based on his future wealth and fights other peoples monsters.

The fights are kind of funny, because you have to buy attacks, which you'll make back if you win. You can even sell stock in your monster to gain more power, but you only have so much, so only when you're desperate.

Now the big cost here is you can lose all your money and more, that means everything you own, but on top of that your future and everything you've earned through the fights. Let's say you bought a house or had children, well if you lose and go bankrupt, they're gone. So if you go broke in a fight your real world life could have dire consequences. It's very horrible to see unfold.

My favorite part might be how you keep you monster in the real world on a credit card. A credit card is also how you enter the Financial District, by summoning a driver with it.

You should look forward to the series out on DVD in the future. I'm looking for the pay off after watching the first four episodes and with such a limited series it's something to easily invest in.