Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: Funimation

Funimation was pushing heavy for Panty and Stocking this AX and even had a stripper pole at it's booth this year with different cosplaying Panty and Stockings up and down it. Like usual they were handing out mini-posters and flyers. As I wrote earlier, there were special treats this year  "Heaven Coins" from the show were given out, but only if you found certain cosplaying Panty and Stockings and got a stamp.

They sold out of all their Limited edition DVDs of the show in the first 3 hours on Day 1 of the expo. Also, the sponsor of the pole, X- Poles (see you at Adultcon) did better than usual,this weekend I heard.

Funimation's many panels showed of some of their new acquisitions and upcoming stuff. The got more Ikki Tousen and Blood C, not that impressed, but fans most of wanted it. I didn't see any titles I really cared for except,Michiko & Hatchin. It has a total Cowboy Bebop vibe with great music and fights, it gets dark pretty quick. It's the story of a Mom and Daughter searching for a deadbeat Dad, but isn't a made for TV movie that ends well, I'll preview it later. . Check here for all the new stuff.

Special press previews showed off Steins;Gate
and C-Control which both look very promising. I'll write more on C-Control later.