Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DNA US Conference Line-Up Press Release

pr release: The first DNA US Conference reveals its line-up for the conference in October – and some of the supporting companies adding their name to what will be a major event in the establishment of the Digital Out-of-Home entertainment (DOE) sectors growth.  The first time the DNA US Conference will take place in Los Angeles ("Entertainment Capital of the World"), on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2012., first at the prestigious University of South California (USC) Davidson Conference Center, part of the extensive university complex; supported by a half-day event (Wednesday, October the 3rd, 2012) that will see the conference move to a venue that will offer attendees a glimpse of a leading edge immersive entertainment venue.

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- Registration

The online support of the DNA US conference has gone live this month with the new ticketing service supplied by leading event supporter CORE Cashless – offering an important development in delegate registration, the online ticket sales includes management of event activities through a special QR Code social media network sported by every badge, facilitating networking between the attendees. CORE Cashless joinsAlterFace, and TrioTech Amusement as the first lead sponsors, as well as trade associations such as the USC, UKTI, ALES and TEA

In order to get the message out to all in the industry, the DNA conference organizers have partnered with marketing veteran Bob Cooney, whose company will undertake interviews during the day with those presenting and moderating to create a comprehensive series of Podcasts that will be circulated after the conference.

- Program

First Full Day (2nd October, 2012)
Leading the impressive list of speakers gathered to this first event, the Keynote of the first day will be presented by Chris Stapleton (Simiosys) – focusing on the impact of the increasing fusion of real and virtual experiences for leisure facilities, and the power of “experiential” entertainment applied to diverse applications. This is followed by a list of high level sessions:

-The Next-Generation Arcade!
Moderator: Randy White (White Hutchinson Leisure)
Marc-Antoine Pinard (Adrenaline Amusements)
David Young (BMI Gaming)

Kevin Williams (KWP)

-New Models of Interactivity in Movie Theaters
Moderator: Greg Roach (Storyslinger)
Julie Eckert (NCM Media Networks)

Jon Hussman (Timeplay Entertainment)

Karl Floyd (Lloyd, Blue Wave Media)

Ed Lantz (Vortex Immersion Media)

-Maximizing Social Media in Leisure Facilities
Courtney Rayburn (Palace Entertainment)

Clark Dodsworth (Osage Associates)

Anne White (Snibbe Interactive)

Cammie Dunaway (Kidzania)

Matthew Nelson (Tribal DDB)

-Augmented Reality’s Next Stage in Leisure Facilities
Moderator: Harold Tan (Immersive Technology Association)
Craig Hanna (Thinkwell Design)

Bruno Uzzan (Total Immersion)

Brian Selzer (Ogmento)

Bryan Lee (d’strict)

-3D Interactive Experiences in Public Places- Entertainment Applications (Part 1)
Moderator: Philip Lelyveld (Consumer 3D Experience  Lab, USC)
Ernest Yale (Trio-Tech)

Brent Young (Super 78 Studio)

Dan Jamele (Mediamation)

Mark Stutz (Mark Stutz, Inc.)

Second Day (Half-Day) (3rd October, 2012)
Relocating to a local venue representing the emergence of the digital out-of-home entertainment environment, and leading this second session of high-level opening presentation by Randy White (White Hutchinson Leisure), who will examine the impact social media and mobile are having on location-based entertainment. Following this, the conclusion of the high level sessions:

-Riding the Wave of Gesture-based experiences in leisure facilities
Moderator: Kevin Williams (KWP)
Jon Fox (Helios Interactive Technologies)

Jon Epstein (Omek Interactive)

Vincent John Vincent (GestureTek)

Eric Mauriello (Schematic)

Mark Schmitz (Zebradog)

-High Impact- 3D Interactive Marketing Experiences in Public Places

Moderator: Eric Davis (National Media Services)
Jack Hattingh (Monster Media 3D)

Eric Davis (National Media Services)
Barry Threw (Obscura Digital)

Joshua Cohen (Pearl Media)

-DNA  Futures Roundtable
Moderator:Kevin Williams (KWP)
Dave Lorenzini (4D Earth)

Brent Bushnell (Syyn Labs)

Jamison Selby (Socialtype)

The second day of the DNA US Conference will also include a -Special Interactive Laser Demonstration, presented by Glenn Hill ( – with the whole event concluding with a DNA Mixer for the delegates to discuss the conclusions of this momentous and thought provoking event.

– Conference program subject to change, for the up-to-date details of sessions please visit the conference website.

- Reception

One of the big developments in the planned October event is the supporter of the evening VIP Reception on the first day of the conference. The organizers able to announce that the reception will be held at the popular flagshipGameWorks facility – offering a convivial setting for delegate networking, as well as a chance to see an example of the new generation of entertainment facilities. GameWorks Entertainment LLC has been revealed as one of the leading sponsors of this influential DNA US Conference. 

The VIP Reception will also offer a chance for other conference sponsors to gather – the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) supporting the event with members offered a chance to attend the conference as well as the evening gathering – along with the UKTI, a supporter of the formation of the DNA Association soon to be announced.


Now with the new dates of 2nd (Tuesday) and 3rd (Wednesday) October 2012, and to accommodate the increased level of interest, the organizers have updated ticket availability to ensure the largest opportunity for those interested to support and attend this conference:

- Conference Admission Fees :   

$499 (until Aug. 1)
$575 (from Aug. 2 to Sep. 28)

$650 (from Oct. 2)   

Registration and additional information online - go to :