Sunday, July 22, 2012

Royal/T Finali/T

Royal/T is closing this August and I thought I'd enjoy the cafe service which ends today.

Having a bowl of curry with a friend who enjoyed a bowl of claim chowder served by a cute girl in a maid outfit was a somewhat sad experience. It was enjoyable, but the fact it be the last time I could have it made me it a bit filled with sorrow. What will happen to this great space? A perfect area for events. See in the following pictures after the jump for how much room Royal/T had for art events, music, a store, pop-up shops, a private viewing area and a cafe.

I wonder what killed it. Perhaps the food prices? The food in the cafe is a bit high priced, if they had fairer prices maybe they'd have more returning patrons.

The maid outfits were always the big draw in. Who doesn't like having women in maid outfits, feminists even enjoy them, it fills them with too much joy.

There has been so many events I've covered or written about at Royal/T it's hard to say it was ever boring. From art shows, to that guy from the food channel showing off rare eats. Special pop-up stores like the one for Tron: Legacy.

I remember when they had manga near the cafe/bar are for display. I wonder if you could have read it while drinking some tea or coffee.

Could it have been location? It wasn't to far from Culver City's main street and it was walking distance from dozens of art galleries and places to grab great eats. It's very hard to ponder why it's shutting down after only five years of business.

Sadly, it just drifting away and soon there will be no maid cafe in LA. It will be missed.