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Friday, July 20, 2012

Murder LA 000003: Pat's II Cocktail Lounge

June 2, 2012 - Police find 49-year-old Terie Colecchi unconscious outside Pat's II Cocktail Lounge on PCH in Redondo Beach. Look the place up on Yelp and you'll see it described as a dive bar. Mr. Colecchi was a bouncer there. He died in the hospital. According to the police, he was beaten by two men whom he had earlier turned away.

A lot has come to light since then. The two men, who each turned themselves in, are currently standing trial. Another man was initially arrested but quickly released. Video shown on the first day of court proceedings show Colecchi threw the first punch. And the official cause of death was undetermined as of last week, pending a toxicology report because Colecchi may or may not have been hopped up on something or other at the time.

Now, it doesn't take a modern re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes to piece this together. Mr. Colecchi was severely beaten and died shortly thereafter. Or maybe it was drugs. That sounds reasonable.

And all because he didn't let them enter a dive bar.

Now, lest you begin to wonder what the hell was so important in there, you should know that being rejected from a dive bar is a humiliating experience and traveling--what, a mile down PCH to find somewhere else?--is simply not feasible in such unfettered fury.