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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Empowered 7 Review

Empowered Volume 7

Adam Warren discusses the life and times of Ninjette in both the cruelest and beautiful conversation about life and death through the voice of a being who cannot die and that can tap into himself at any point in time. Then it goes right into masturbation.

Empowered  7 is a heavy Ninjette issue, it tells us her back story and how she became the heavy drinking friend of our heroine EMP( aka Eylissa Megan Powers). Daddy issues aren't even the right term for how messed up the relationship between Ninjette and her heavy drinking and sadistic father have. This books is worth the story in it as the long discussion between Ninjette and the demi-god trapped in a belt in a bathroom bath scene is both sad and funny. Oh, and sexy.

Some other bits like super fast f*cking ninja style and the terms writer/artist Adam Warren comes up with like kludge mind had me enthralled. There's also these great moments where he keeps tricking you with how an event plays out is someones mind, but then comes back to reality. Sometimes you wish people would just say how they feel.

What the story boils down to is a set up for a future showdown with Ninjette's clan and worse villains.  From what I picked up from the kludge mind term used by the Superhomeys and what the deceased Mindf*ck said about how her brother made her cut out her eyes and tongue, I'm guessing he'll be a future big boss baddy along side his kludge mind creation Willy Pete, silly name aside the dude skullf*cks people to death.

If your into Empowered it's a must read, if your coming into the series start from another book, but there are just some bloody scenes I loved that show Adam Warren isn't a man to leave alone for too long, so I wish his books came out faster.