Friday, July 27, 2012

Comic Hype: Los Angeles Based Comics "Freelancers" and "Lost Angeles"

Two comics will be depicting two radical takes on LA this Fall.


 Publisher Boom and Felipe Smith's Freelancers will be shoving down action with two hot chicks raised in orphanage and taught kung-fu who kick ass around LA on freelance missions. However, the books being written by Ian Brill, who did great work on Darkwing Duck and it's being drawn by Josh Covey. So it's unknown what Felipe will be really doing on the title.

Lost Angeles

Kevin Eastman of Ninja Turtles fame and IDW plan at dystopian future for LA in the mini-series Lost Angeles. After a meteor passes by LA get screwed over and multiple gangs spring up. The stories about two different gang members falling in love from opposing gangs. It should be extremely violent.

via comics alliance