Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kickstarter LA: Don't Give Money To These

First up is John K's "Can Without Labels" cartoon. John K has done a ton of stuff for the animation industry in the past, bringing back credits to cartoon makers and bring back classic animation style. However, he hasn't done really anything in 10 years. The lastest thing was animating the start of The Simpsons, great.. that's great. He needs to stop falling back on the same thing over and over again and come up with something new. I'm fairly certain many people don't know who George Liqour is and this stupid online cartoon is going to change it.

 It's a stinking console that's going to run phone games. I don't see what the point is at all. Just get Steam, download games to your computer and get a bigger monitor. People are just throwing their money away on something that will never matter to the gaming industry, so now new games or content ever.