Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: Dumbest Booth

 Toyota X Studio's 4C Booth had to be the dumbest booth of the year, I hope it doesn't pop up on Notcot, they are tight. Toyota's marketing department amazes me at the ability not to see fundamental differences with East and West values for car advertising. From last years Hatsune Miku car commercials that made no sense for both anime fans and regular people to this years anime about "rape grape aliens". So Studio 4C made a commercial for the Japanese market showing of some Toyota, with aliens and  kooky backgrounds, sort of like a rip-off of the Murakami x louis vuitton mash up. This time get these weird aliens, I've dubbed the "rape grapes" as the mascots. If Toyota wants to try to show the animation on television in the US in anyway, I'd love to see the negative reaction of the general public. Try again next year Toyota, you'll come up with something that makes sense eventually.