Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hetalia: World Series 2 - Season Four Review

"Goodbye, Pasta!"

                      - Italy

"You're an idiot, Italy"


The last words I think the Axis characters in Hetalia might utter knowing the series is over.

Hetalia: World Series 2 - Season Four and the limited edition comes with yellow bandanna featuring chibi versions of the characters.

The last part of the phenomenon that made so many girls dress like men at Anime Expo, Hetalia World Series 2 - Season Four is the end of the anime series in Japan. The series ends as it started personifying the nations of the world and making fun of them. Once again your learning world history and culture as stupid men/children beat each other and cry out in tantrums.

One of the more strange, but funny continuing shorts has the main chararcters, the axis and allies, being cats. Yes, Germany as a cat is funny as is all the other nations. There's other short series that come and go like "Japan and America" which just has Japan and America hanging out, our ideas on large, might be different. Then a bit about getting free tissues, is a bit dirty. You have Britain trying to ecape Italy that keeps backfiring, because he's too depressing and doesn't fit in. with all the happy sharp dressed Italians
For history lessons, I liked learning how America forced Japan open to trade after being isolated for 200 years. Personified Japan is shown as a shut-in and tries to get out of it by only speaking Dutch, but America came prepared. Then you have France's fashion looking more and more feminine and England wanting to copying it resulting some strange fashion for Britain, including the codpiece.
These history lessons can shift to any other region, one was about China getting a Giraffe for the first time, which by the standards of the time was amazing.

My favorite bits are scattered through like one short story between Hungary and Austria that has to do with crotch rippings. Then there's the odd nature of how cool Austria thinks he is.
Got to love the female narrator it dowels out information and insults towards everyone in the series. I have to say I don't get United States of Hetalia segments, but they seem to be mostly jokes towards America.
There isn't really and ending segment or a big kiss saying good-bye. There is a short segment of Germany being sad Italy is going and saying they'll stay friends forever. I did expect more of a final huge debate among the characters, but it really just ends like any other episode with maybe Poland being a huge jerk with his head near his butt.

Looking back, it's great to both learn and laugh at our history and Hetalia managed to do that and be easily accesible at any point, because all it's episodes are very short and don't need that much back history to laugh at.

There's an entire disc devoted to extras. If you've missed the Civil war story or some major moments you have them now. They have tours of some cons and a meeting with the Axis cast voice. Really big amount of stuff, I'm just worried you might have gotten the extras from different volumes. It might be all the extras collected over time in one place. Anyway, it's a huge amount of content if your into the series.

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